Glitchy is an image manipulator, made in 2015 as a finals project for the AP Graduate in Computer Science, at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.
The purpose of this software is to give those who enjoy making glitch art a better user experience, compared to working with software such as Audacity, while still maintaining the idea of manipulating images on a byte-level.




I noticed that the last build of Glitchy never was released; I have therefor uploaded it and it is available here. (.jar only)

If the file seems large, it's because I have included a fairly large example project in this package.

Also: Here's the GitHub.

"Old" last update:

Glitchy V. 3 (11/12/2015) Change log:

Specifications / Intructions

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    Image Gallery

    We would really like to see your images. Feel free to email them here!

    To make it easy we have created this imageboard, where you can share them with us and the rest of the glitchy-interested people!



    Title: Logo variations
    Logo variations\ width=

    Title: Smear, invert and 2 equal images
    Smear, invert and 2 equal images\ width=

    Title: Nice background
    Nice background\ width=

    Title: Modern Popart
    Modern Popart\ width=

    Title: Glitchy.jar beta release
    Glitchy.jar beta release\ width=

    Title: Smeard
    Smeard\ width=

    Title: Chose One
    Chose One\ width=

    Title: Neon Paradise
    Neon Paradise\ width=

    Title: Landscape
    Landscape\ width=

    \ width=

    Title: Glitchy .exe second release
    Glitchy .exe second release\ width=

    Title: Riverman
    Riverman\ width=

    Title: Bloodmoon
    Bloodmoon\ width=

    \ width=

    Title: Death
    Death\ width=

    Title: PORTRAIT
    PORTRAIT\ width=

    Title: Fun Time
    Fun Time\ width=

    \ width=

    \ width=

    Title: catty
    catty\ width=

    \ width=

    \ width=

    \ width=

    Title: Distorted Balloons
    Distorted Balloons\ width=